Board Meeting Notes 4/2/2017

Members in attendance: Dee, Larissa, Stacia, Leonardo, Kui, Val, Diana, Jose, Andy, Carlos

  1. MONEY
    1. Current status of the bank account
      1. Diana explaining the numbers – we currently have $9,097.37 in our accounts
      2. Insurance needs to be paid.
        1. Kui & Diana said Las Vegas paddlers that race will under be under TAZ so we will need to collect money to cover them under our SCORA insurance.
        2. Leonard will get a copy of the invoice to Diana for payment/records
      3. Larissa, Kui, Andy: Trailer Cost
        1. Andy & Kui will coordinate getting the trailer to the vendor so work and final quote can be done this week.
      4. Kui: We built new cradles
      5. Andy: Do we need to buy skirts?
        1. Board discussion about type of skirt options, using velcro vs. rails
        2. Val reminded us that we are required by SCORA to have skirts for the boats we will be using for racing.
        3. Kui will reach out to one of the hawaiian clubs about skirt recommendations
        4. Will make sure we have skirts for 2 canoes
      6. Makaha & Ka Ikena will be used for Crystal Pier.
        1. Discussion about using Ma Poina instead of Makaha
      7. Makaha needs to have the interior of the canoe fixed
        1. A motion was made and a Yes vote was made to have the boat automatically fixed if the cost was $200 or less
        2. Jose will coordinate with Ric to do the repairs
    1. Poker Tournament
      1. Task – Andy still needs to reach out to his contact about space availability
      2. Discussion to happen at next board meeting
    2. Mini Ironman volunteering
      1. Stacia is the point person. She will reach out to Ironman to get more details and will update once she has more information
      2. Date of event is October 22, 2017. We made $650 for this event last year.
      3. Board agreement – we will participate in this event in 2017
    3. 4th of July volunteer
      1. Board discussion about whether we think this is an event we want to continue. We need to let Kiwanis Club know by 4/28/17 if we will be volunteering or not
      2. Details will be sent out to club to gauge interest, response needed by 4/21/17
      1. $695 made from booth sales and raffle ticket sales
      1. We have signed up to have a vendor booth at the Crystal Pier race and will be selling leis, hats, and Not Vodka water bottles.
      2. Will need volunteers to help man the booth – details will be sent in team email
      3. We need to get leis made
        1. Lei making party at Diana & Kui’s house will be Saturday, May 6, 2017
        2. Diana will put together lei kits to hand out so members can make leis at home
      4. Board agreement on lei pricing – 1 lei for $10, 2 leis for $15 and 6 leis for  $40
      5. Question came up about needing a resale license. Diana confirmed we do not since we’re a non-profit
    1. Canoe maintenance
      1. Discussion about what still needs to be done with the Virginia.
      2. Maintenance will be put on hold so members can focus on training for upcoming race season
      3. Discussion about paint issues on Makaha and Ka Ikena. Kui will reach out to Mr Painter to determine what we need to do.
    2. Tents
      1. Discussion around purchase of team tents and requirements.
      2. Board agreement – tents don’t need to have logo.
      3. Motion was made and a Yes vote was made to purchase 3 tents/pop ups with sides. Max total to be spend is $1,000.
        1. Kui is responsible to purchase tents
      4. Jose is researching about getting new banners made
      5. Carlos is researching additional storage for boat yard
    3. Dollies
      1. Andy will know this week on the timeline of when a new beach dolly will be done. UPDATE – Dolly will be done by 4/22. And he will get the handle on our current dolly fixed as well.
      2. Still testing the new flat dolly. Want to see if the new cradles help and if so, then suggest buy a second dolly
    4. Canoes
      1. Need to trail canoes to Crystal Pier to be weighed.
      2. Discussion about how can we weigh the canoes before the race so we have the right weights available to add as needed.
      3. Jose is to research scale options
    5. Cradles
      1. Good
    1. SCORA waivers
      1. Leonard reminded us that those members that are paddling and racing need to go online and create/update their SCORA registration.
      2. Reminder to paddlers will be added to team email and Jose will remind members at practice
    2. Recruitment
      1. Discussion about the low level of new members coming out to paddle this season.
      2. Discussion also about how much more we should reach out to those we met at Aloha Festival.
        1. Board agreement 1 more email to potential members about opening up Tuesday practice to them and 1 email will be sent when a Saguaro trip is planned
      3. After Crystal Pier, board will discuss additional recruitment efforts
    3. Current have 33 paid members
    1. Still good with the schedule?
      1. Discussion about practices and opening up all days to all members. Maybe splitting race teams between Tuesday and Thursday so coaches are able to give all paddlers attention.
        1. Board agreement to open Tuesday to all paddlers on a trial basis
      2. Discussion about scheduling trip to Saguaro Lake for practice. Will happen after Crystal Pier race
      3. Discussion about how to make sure we don’t focus on growing the club and welcoming new members while also working on being more competitive during races.
    2. Race Crews
      1. Crews are not set. Email will go out to racers that fees are due by 4/21
    3. Special Practices
      1. Las Vegas is set for April 22 at Lake Mead
        1. Email will be sent to the 13 members that expressed interest in going with all of the details.
        2. Will be towing 2 boats
      2. Need to have closed practice for huli drills before Crystal Pier race
      3. Lake Pleasant practice/meeting
        1. Carlos will reach out to Bud about scheduling meeting on Sunday, April 30 – UPDATE still need to confirm but small group for workshop on Saturday, April 29 @ 2p, racers/paddlers on Sunday to put what we learned to practice
        2. Will do huli drills at Lake Pleasant instead of Saguaro if this date works for Bud
      4. May 20th Saguaro practice
        1. Invite to potential members, potluck
  6. RACES
    1. Crystal Pier
      1. Race fees are due by April 21st from anyone that wants to race. $30 for adults, $9 for keikis
      2. Paddlers need to coordinate through coaches if paddling with another team (i.e. keikis wanting to race)
    2. Other races
      1. Board agreement to not do Na Pali this year
      2. Pailolo is possibility; decision will be made after Iron Champs
      3. Catalina should be goal
    3. Discussion and agreement about paddlers/racers are responsible for reserving their own accommodations, travel requirements.
  7. OTHER
    1. Board discussion about Uncle Kimokeo
      1. Board agreement on $300 donation to Kimokeo Foundation and sending picture gift as thank you for canoe blessing
    2. Custom leis
      1. Board discussion and agreement – setting up FB page for Aunty Aloha’s Lei Stand to promote custom leis for celebrations, graduations. Carlos will set up FB page
      2. Board discussion about sending notices to ASU groups about graduation leis. Larissa to get information about setting up a booth.
    3. Women on Adventure group on hold


Next meeting is Monday, May 1 @ 6:30p at Diana’s office
Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm