Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Monday,  06/04/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Diana Durham, Carlos Hernandez, Kui Eugenio, Jeff Leonard, SofiaTuncap

Finance Status

  • Account Balance – $9,890.72
  • Recent / Upcoming Expenses
    • 4 tents – $431
    • Spring User Fees – TTL – $320
    • Uncle Kimokeo donation – $1,000
  • Received / Expected Income
    • Coconuts – $1,500
    • Kendall Plumbing – $250
    • Aloha AC – $600
    • Sacktime Mattress (Vega) – $1,000
    • McKesson – CO Match (Aunty) – $1,200

MDR Recap

Race went really well. Use boat launch to load/unload canoes next year. Everyone has really jumped in and helped getting the canoes ready for the race and loading canoes.


  • Ironman – November 18th
    • Stacia, Ilona, & Amy – all said yes to manning captain stations again. Have 1 person co-chair the stations to learn what they do. Will ask for volunteers
  • ½ Ironman – October 21st – Carlos & Sofia will co-chair again
  • Aunty Aloha booth – Iron Champs race
    • Need volunteers to help man the booth
    • Make candy leis for keikis
  • Plan through Merrily absence – gone June 14 – July 17
    • Carlos & Leonard will help in her absence to make sure we stay on top of any additional vendors
  • Set meeting in September for Fundraising Committee & Board to discuss learnings from this year and plan what we’re going to do next year


  • Repairs needed – nothing major at this point. Fixed rivets from rails. Fix skirts for both canoes.
  • UL funding – put $5,000 in savings account to start saving for an unlimited canoe. Board discussed and approved.

Iron Champs

  • Schedule – will reset expectations for who is in short vs long course. Novice team will stay together and complete short course. Coach would like everyone to step up and do long course.
  • Towing – looking at borrowing canoes so we don’t have to tow. Will depend on how  many short vs long course crews we have.
  • Leis – look at inventory and may schedule working/lei making day on Sunday.

Races – after Iron Champs have a team meeting to discuss who is interested in doing 9man change races, Kona, etc.  Team meeting, June 28th @ 6pm.

Board meeting adjourned at 7:47pm. Next board meeting will be Monday, July 9th @ 6:00pm.