Aloha Festival Wrap Up

Aloha gang,

I just want to give everyone a shout out for the help and success of this past weekend. What an amazing display of support and team spirit from everyone! We had so much to do on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we all came together and got it done. A big THANK YOU to Ric for his time and expertise to get Makaha and Ka Ikena finished beautifuly on the inside. Mahalo to each of you who helped sand prep the canoes, paddled Mai Poina over and back, and especcially to all who helped man our booth and help raise an additional $750 dollars for our club! Next Saturday 3/17 we will hold our annual open house after general practice from 10am-12pm. Please stay around, lets get some new people on the water with a paddle in their hands and show them why we love this sport and our TAZ Ohana.

Team Arizona Outrigger Canoe Club
550 E. Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, Arizona 85281