Board Meeting 5/1/2017

TAZ Board Meeting, Monday, 5/1/17

Attendance: Jose, Jeff Leonard, Diana, Kui, Stacia, Andy, Carlos



  • All racers have paid race fees
  • MOTION: Email needs to be sent out
    • Race information
    • Booth sign up
    • Accommodations
    • What to bring for the day – towels, chairs, jacket, sunscreen, food to share
    • Board/coach contact list
    • Sunday paddle – who will be staying in town
    • Racers must have signed into SCORA site before race day
  • Wahine short-course crew needs to do the huli drill and complete it correctly since some struggled during the first huli drill. Need to make sure safety is the priority
  • Equipment lists for race
    • Jose/Kui – needs for canoes
    • Andy – race day needs
    • Diana – vendor booth needs
  • Taking 2 canoes to the race: Ka Ikena & Uhane Makaha

Equipment Needs

  • MOTION: Need to purchase 6 – 3 gal buckets, bristle brushes, bearing grease.

Lei Stand

  • Booth will be open 7AM-5PM
  • Friday evening setup, only tent and table
  • Saturday morning set up is 6AM
  • Raffle donation – 3 leis and water bottle


Upcoming Races – MDR, Iron Champs

  • Remind racers to make hotel arrangements



4th of July volunteering

  • Board decided not to officially participate this year as volunteers. If members decide they want to volunteer, they can earn $10 per hour per volunteer for the team.

Mini Iron Man

  • Bike direction – will provide information to the team when race gets closer

Full Iron Man

  • Will continue to manage 3 Stations
  • Stacia will find out if we can manage the run station inside of the marina


  • Still looking for venue, looking at Culinary Dropout
  • Looking to do fundraiser in July
  • Probably get from 30-50 people

Other Fundraisers

  • Aunty Aloha FB page – not going to do any additional promotion, just leaving it as is for now
  • Leonard’s going to talk to Merrily about being fundraising chair



  • Current BALANCE: $10,474.89
  • Upcoming Expenses
    • Hull Insurance – $654
    • SCORA Insurance – $2000 estimate
    • Trailer repair – $2,100 – $2,500 – Board Approved
      • Will look at adding brakes later
      • May 22 drop off May 31 pickup
    • Andy working on fixing 2nd dolly – $100 for axles  – Board Approved
    • Team tent/canopy – $200
    • Adjustable paddles
      • Buying 1 keiki / 1 adult to see how they work



Boat maintenance day – Saturday, 5/6/17

  • Detail wash of all canoes
  • Sand down rough spots in 2 canoes we’re taking for race
  • Install rails on canoes
  • Test fit skirts
  • Add/update numbers to canoes – need to be 6 inches/height and 1 inch stroke width
  • Graphics for Ka Ikena


  • After race, need to contact Mr. Painter about cracking paint
  • Need to remind team to not pick at paint cracks, will put clear gorilla tape


  • Race as spec, no weights



Weekend meeting

  • Got the history on Virginia – made from a mold of a Koa boat. 6th oldest fiberglass canoe

Hawaii race

  • Will follow up with team after Crystal Pier race about Pailolo interest

Saguaro Lake practice

  • Will send out notice about Saguaro practice on 5/20/17

Practice schedule

  • Race crews only for Tuesdays


Board meeting ended at 8:20pm. Next meeting is Monday, 6/5/17