Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting 5-18-2018

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Monday, 5/14/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Kui Eugenio, Diana Durham, Merrily Pychinka, Carlos Hernandez, Valerie Symth

Finance Status

Account Balance – $8,152.23

Expenses: SCORA dues/insurance – $1,244.70

Hull/Canoe insurance – $937.00

Jerseys – $908.85

Trailer/dolly repairs – $1,000.00

Upcoming Expenses:

Kimokeo Foundation/Maui Nui Race – $1,000 – they have reached out asking for the donation that we promised last year.  Board discussed and approved.

OC2 purchase – $1,100 – Kui proposed the club purchase John Burns’ OC2 canoe. Board discussed and decided against purchasing OC2.

Unlimited Canoe – Goal of the team will be to purchase 1 unlimited canoe



Sponsorships: Hegmann Realty – $1,002

Barefoot Surfaces – in kind

Tradewind (Aunty/Unko Martin) – $1,200

Coconuts –

Fundraising letters – all members received an email and notices at lake to use to reach out to companies, friends for sponsorships and donations. Asking needs to be done by June 14th for sponsorships/donations. Focus will be on general donations/sponsorships.

Letters have gone out to past sponsors for donations again this year. Have heard from 2, still working on Aloha Shoyu. Joan Howell’s husband, Don, will also be helping with reaching out to companies for donations.

Fundraising season should be November – April to make sure we can have sponsors on shirts/website/banners.  

Reach out to Merrily if you have a company that you would like help reaching out to explain who we are.

Separate fundraising for Kona racers this year. Maybe find sponsorships that are for this race specifically. Special shirts for the racers this year. Sell the shirts to raise money towards race fees, canoe donation, etc. After Iron season, we can focus on looking at fundraising options.

Holiday cards to donors/sponsors.



If we’re going to have rules, then we need to be consistent in applying them to all paddlers. Ultimately, the coaches have final say on who is in crews and races. If paddlers have concerns about crews, practices or expectations, they should reach out to Kui or Amy.

Crystal Pier race results – Coach was very happy and proud of how everyone competed at the race.  It was a really good start to our racing season but we can’t get complacent in our training or expectations.

Long course – borrow unlimited for 1 of the races to try out. Kui would prefer us to not do so since we don’t practice in an unlimited.


Equipment and Maintenance

Trailer – cradles on the trailer should be done professionally. Will look at options and costs on how to safely trailing our canoes long distance.

Key cards – need to get the forms from City of Tempe so we can purchase additional cards.

Canoe Maintenance – what still needs to be done

  • Finish fixing the OC1
  • Finish fixing the 2 – 6man canoes

Upcoming Events –

MDR – 6/2

  • Race fees due 5/19

Iron Champs – 6/24

  • Race fees due 6/9


Coaches need to create and save incident reports. We should have a device that can be used specifically for Team AZ use for waivers, incident reports, etc.  

Incident report – anytime someone is injured, brought to board/coach member attention then we need to fill out a report. Examples – cuts, toes run over by the dolly, contusions.

Andy has a copy of the Tempe Incident Report form that he will bring so we can keep at the lake.


Meeting adjourned 8:22pm. Next meeting is Monday, June 4th @ 6:00pm.

TAZ Board Meeting 4-2-18

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Monday, 4/02/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Amy Hartle, Kui Eugenio, Diana Durham, Sofia Tuncap, Jeff Leonard, Merrily Pychinka, Carlos Hernandez

Finance Status

  • Account Balance – $9,143.41
  • Upcoming Expenses
    • canoe/trailer insurance – $937
    • trailer/dolly work – $900
  • Expected Income
    • Aloha Festival – $695
    • Aloha Festival raffle tickets – $200
    • Dragon Boat Festival – $355


  • approved at last meeting, signatures by board


  • Design
    • Will send out email to members with 3 design choices to vote as our team jerseys
  • Order date – April 16th receive by 27th. Will be ordering the sport-tek shirts
  • Cost – $20 for paddlers


  • Merrily/Jeff/Carlos – committee meeting happened on 3/26/18
    • Member support
      • If members have sponsor/donor suggestions, then we would like to have them make the introductions
      • Initial Contact for Sponsor – committee
    • Carlos – starting a sponsorship contact list
    • Recommend Fundraising Committee as a Board Member
      • Board decided to revisit at later time.  
    • Committee – looking for 5 total from active members
    • Fundraiser email – separate from weekly email with updates
    • Creation of fundraising database
    • 501c3
      • How does having our own affect our SCORA membership
      • Written process of what having our own # is
    • Sponsor/donation list
      • Ohana level – company spirit day
        • Motion & approved by board to add to the Ohana list

Member Status

  1. Dues – 44 paid members
  2. Waivers – 42 smart waivers signed
    1. Coaches will work on contacting those paddlers that haven’t signed up that they are not allowed to paddle until waiver is done


  • Coaching goals/expectations
    • Coach’s Race season Goals
      1. Not everyone will be able to race, paddlers will need to meet racing expectations.
      2. Main priority is safety for our paddlers and as team – we want to make sure paddlers are ready to race and understand what to do in case something happens
      3. Extra water time practice – coaches are looking at how we can make sure paddlers are getting the practice time they need to race
      4. Continuity of crews to build through the season. Continue to build strong, experienced paddlers
    • Keiki program
      • Separate the kids practice, separate coach manages their schedule
      • Carlos has volunteered to be keiki coach
    • Paddle practice expectations
      • Staggered paddle practice times
      • Sign up for seats
  • Schedule
    • Coaches meet weekly to set paddle expectations
    • Weekly workout for those paddlers that are waiting to get in the canoe
  • Steersman test
    • Steersman should be approved by coaches; potential steers clinic
    • Open book test – must get 100% to be able to steer a race
    • Find out interest in steering by members
  • Incident response process
    • Documentation creation and forms – what is our process if something should happen at the lake
    • First aid kit, waivers, accident report form
    • 2-way radio – dry bags and strap to keep near steers seat

Crystal Pier

  • Schedule
    • Create schedule for the day – Sofia
  • Towing
    • Kui will tow first race – bringing 3 canoes
  • Leis
    • Ti leaf anklets – order ti leaves (Amy will order)
  • Post Race gifts
    • Novice – get leis
    • Lanyards – all paddlers – beer/water & granola bars
  • Aunty Aloha booth
    • $200 vendor booth cost
    • Sell water bottles, hats, shirts, leis
    • Need to get scheduled shifts that will actually work the booth

Equipment and Maintenance

  • Trailer
    • Ready by April 14th
  • Cradles
    • April 14th need to create cradles
    • 8 baby short to travel will be in the trailer
    • 4 tall cradles
  • Dolly
    • 2 Dollies ready by April 14th


Upcoming Events –

  1. Scora Meeting – April 15th at 1pm to 5pm
  2. Tevita Canoes – he has offered to allow us to us his canoes. We have to pick them up and have 8 people at least go to help load @ salton sea. Plan to pick up on Saturday, 4/21. Andy will follow up and arrange pick up.


  • Las Vegas Club – 9th Island OCC
    • If we allow them to race as TAZ, they need to race to our expectations
    • They will only be allowed to race if Kui is at the race
    • If they are racing under our name, they must show up at our 4/28 Saguaro practice to do huli drills
    • GPS practices & post or send to Kui; practice at least 2 days a week
    • Set expectations that this is the last year they will be paddling under our name
    • Schedule meeting with SCORA ahead of the 4/15 meeting with our expectations and our questions about supporting Vegas


Meeting adjourned 8:56pm. Next meeting will be Monday, 5/7 @ 6pm


Proposals and Motions

1. Company Spirit Day for OHANA Donation



Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting 2/08/18

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Thursday, 2/08/18


Andy Thomas, Carlos Hernandez, Diana Durham, Kui Eugenio , Sofia Tuncap, Terry Mendoza, Valerie Symthe

Last Meeting Follow-up

501C3 Info- Jeff L – Jeff looked into it, we should be able to do it but not sure what the benefit is to do so. We will relook at this if we start raising enough funds ($50,000 – which is tax limit)

Team info form to handout with waiver – Andy – will work on for new members to give out after Aloha Festival

Key Inventory (Ask Alicia) – Kui will check with Alicia if she has a list of who has TAZ keys. We think Kui, Amy & Larissa have current keys. Order 2 more keys so we have 5 total for the club. New Keys go to Val and Ilona

Member skills form – Andy – skills of current members to see what they can offer to the club. Ask at the general meeting for list.

Finance Status

  1. Account Balance – $5962.14 not including Ironman Check
  2. Upcoming Expenses
    1. SCORA dues & insurance
    2. Boat & canoe maintenance
  3. Expected Income
    1. membership dues
  4. Fundraising
    1. Aloha Festival raffle tickets
  5. Sponsorships – Carlos will work with Merrily in going to see business for sponsorship
    1. Diana will create letterhead for sponsorship letters
  6. Dues – dues should be paid by the General Meeting


Team General Meeting

  1. Date/Time
    1. Saturday, Feb 17th – after practice 10:00am
  2. Location
    1. Tempe Town Lake
  3. Agenda
    1. Practice Expectations
      1. Race v Recreation
      2. Kona, HI by  August 15 to 20 miles
    2. Skills/Member discounts
    3. Races
    4. Aloha Festival
      1. booth/double-hull sign up sheets
    5. Fundraising committee
    6. Safety & Equipment
    7. Accountability Team – weight & strength goals
      1. Team Leader – Terry Mendoza
      2. 3 potential
      3. Weigh-Ins next practice
    8. Sign up – t-shirt size/type
  4. Food – Diana will take care of this


  1. Website
    1. Update dues section so easier to pay online
    2. Races Link – still showing 2017
  2. Practices/Schedule
    1. Add Thursdays after Aloha Festival (racers only)
    2. Add Sunday after general meeting (racers only)
    3. Saguaro Lake – potential March 31st / April 28th
      1. Jetski/ Terry for wakes
    4. Schedule
      1. Tuesday @ 6pm, launch canoes 6:30
      2. Saturday @ 8am, launch canoes 8:30
  3. Safety
    1. Motor boat testing – Tempe Lake. This is so we have a coaches boat that would follow the canoe for training/practice
    2. 1man canoe use – rules, request/approval to use from Kui
    3. PFDs, general safety – we need to make sure all members are aware of what the safety rules are
  4. Team Communication
  5. Small boat storage – stall 26 – will be renting to members for 1man/2man canoes
    1. Cost to club
    2. Cost to members

Equipment and Maintenance

  1. Andy & Kui need to do a full inventory of what repairs and purchases need to happen for the canoes this year (this weekend)
  2. Canoe maintenance – every Sunday 9am until Aloha Festival (2/11, 2/18, 2/25), will also on Tuesday/Thursday
  3. Canoes
  4. Trailer
  5. Covers
    1. 3 needed
  6. Paddles
  7. Misc

Upcoming Events

  1. Aloha Festival
    1. Double hull rides – Kui follow up with Alicia on what we need to do
      1. Volunteers – Announce at General Meeting
      2. Booth – Selling Lei, shirts, Hats   
    2. Canoe Blessing
      1. Create Flyers add Poi info
    3. Branded items
      1. Wristbands
      2. Leis
      3. T-shirts/hats
      4. stickers
  2. SCORA – coaches clinic – March 3rd @ NAC – Kui, Amy,




Attendance: Kui, Diana, Val, Laurissa, Andy, Stacia, Ilona, Carlos

  • Practice
    • All open practices: 5:30 Tuesday/Thursday, 7 am Saturday
    • November practice schedule: twice a week after ADR Tuesday & Saturday
    • Heavy Sunday practice coming after ADR
  • Races/Events
    • Saturday, October 7: Hot Head Okie Race
    • $10 per person
  • Sunday, October 21st: Salton Sea Fest
    • Andy & Amy going for the lei stand?
    • Need to make leis
  • Sunday, October 22: ½ Ironman Triathlon
    • Sign up update – 15 confirmed, 6 maybes, need 10 more
    • Need to make email and flyers to get more vliunteers
  • November 4: ADR
    • Deadline to sign up is October 18
    • $60 per person
    • Friday, November 3rd we have 6 vliunteers
    • Saturday, November 4th need vliunteers for timing, breakfast and the lei stand– need 6-8 vliunteers/ 5 non- racers
  • November 19: Ironman Triathlon
    • Amy needs TAZ 501C3 letter for the grant
    • Make flyer and email to bring people in
    • Sign up update
  • December 3 3 PM Chihuahua Palace
  • Maintenance
    • Makaha
      • Seat one needs to be repaired
      • Virginia needs to be repaired entirely, after ADR
  • Trailer
    • Need to buy a spare tire
  • Dlily
    • Kui needs to put it together
  • Skirts/boat covers
    • Ilona will make at Kui’s house with Unko’s sewing machine
    • MOTION~$600
  • Iakos
    • Unko needs to scope them out in Hawaii and order them
    • Or Oceanside
  • SCORA & New Members
    • Waivers? Dues?
    • Any new members can get free membership if they sign up for ironman vliunteering
    • Changes in relation to SCORA?
    • Categories of teams from novice to ultra
    • Example: Slower teams start at 8AM, ultra teams start at 10 AM, depending on competitiveness
  • Money
    • Money coming in
      • Fund raising
      • Lei stand at SeaFest
      • Lei stand at ADR
      • Breakfast at ADR
      • Kui needs a coffee jug?
      • Trip raffle – Merrily
    • Money going out
      • Maui Nui -$1000 donation to the race?
      • June is the cut off in order for the race to happen
      • Blend Maui Nui, Uncle Kemo, & Team Arizona in to one design
      • Make flyers
      • Offshore purchase –
  • Sponsorship Representatives?
    • Merrilee is the new rep for fundraising
    • Big raffles
    • $4413 in the bank
  • Future of TAZ
    • Change Bylaws
    • Next Meeting
    • All board members can run for president, after one year
    • Other laws to be updated
    • New board
    • Ask members who wants to run
    • Year-long schedule
    • Monthly Saguaro trip
    • More ocean practice
    • Perpetuate more Hawaiian culture within the club
    • Make paddling more meaningful
    • We need to bring TAZ back to traditional ways
  • Next Board Meeting: October 17, 6:30

Board Meeting: 6/5/2017

Taz Meeting in Attendance 6/5/2017: Laurissa, Stacia, Diana, Kui, Andy, Carlos, Dee


    • $7000
    • $2000 donation coming in later from Aunty & McKesson dollar for dollar
    • $1700 trailer repairs
    • 160 Leis need to be delivered, hopefully by Ironman champs
      • Need help with making leis
      • Making bags for quick making
      • June 17
    • Diana: $150 booth for Iron champs, over $600 made from Crystal Pier
    • Make candy leis
    • Andy: $150 made off of the Not Vodka bottles, add to website?
    • MOTION: BUY Tires needed for the trailer
      • $150- Per tire


  • Boat Maintenance
    • Kui: Ka Ikena has a major hole under seat 5 from transportation
      • Sand & fiberglass needed
      • June 8 repair
    • Might need to reserve canoes for Iron Champs


  • Coach & Race
    • Personal goals to head coach
      • Give coach a schedule so he knows for practice for Iron Champs
    • Checkout Cali Paddler podcast for coaching and inspirational talks
    • Ironman race for now
    • Lake Havasu or ocean big paddle in the middle of July
    • MOTION: Make a set schedule for each individual race for racers
      • Organized TAZ schedule per race
      • Print out race packet for TAZ novice


  • Next Meeting
    • July 5th Hula’s Modern Tiki

Board Meeting 5/1/2017

TAZ Board Meeting, Monday, 5/1/17

Attendance: Jose, Jeff Leonard, Diana, Kui, Stacia, Andy, Carlos



  • All racers have paid race fees
  • MOTION: Email needs to be sent out
    • Race information
    • Booth sign up
    • Accommodations
    • What to bring for the day – towels, chairs, jacket, sunscreen, food to share
    • Board/coach contact list
    • Sunday paddle – who will be staying in town
    • Racers must have signed into SCORA site before race day
  • Wahine short-course crew needs to do the huli drill and complete it correctly since some struggled during the first huli drill. Need to make sure safety is the priority
  • Equipment lists for race
    • Jose/Kui – needs for canoes
    • Andy – race day needs
    • Diana – vendor booth needs
  • Taking 2 canoes to the race: Ka Ikena & Uhane Makaha

Equipment Needs

  • MOTION: Need to purchase 6 – 3 gal buckets, bristle brushes, bearing grease.

Lei Stand

  • Booth will be open 7AM-5PM
  • Friday evening setup, only tent and table
  • Saturday morning set up is 6AM
  • Raffle donation – 3 leis and water bottle


Upcoming Races – MDR, Iron Champs

  • Remind racers to make hotel arrangements



4th of July volunteering

  • Board decided not to officially participate this year as volunteers. If members decide they want to volunteer, they can earn $10 per hour per volunteer for the team.

Mini Iron Man

  • Bike direction – will provide information to the team when race gets closer

Full Iron Man

  • Will continue to manage 3 Stations
  • Stacia will find out if we can manage the run station inside of the marina


  • Still looking for venue, looking at Culinary Dropout
  • Looking to do fundraiser in July
  • Probably get from 30-50 people

Other Fundraisers

  • Aunty Aloha FB page – not going to do any additional promotion, just leaving it as is for now
  • Leonard’s going to talk to Merrily about being fundraising chair



  • Current BALANCE: $10,474.89
  • Upcoming Expenses
    • Hull Insurance – $654
    • SCORA Insurance – $2000 estimate
    • Trailer repair – $2,100 – $2,500 – Board Approved
      • Will look at adding brakes later
      • May 22 drop off May 31 pickup
    • Andy working on fixing 2nd dolly – $100 for axles  – Board Approved
    • Team tent/canopy – $200
    • Adjustable paddles
      • Buying 1 keiki / 1 adult to see how they work



Boat maintenance day – Saturday, 5/6/17

  • Detail wash of all canoes
  • Sand down rough spots in 2 canoes we’re taking for race
  • Install rails on canoes
  • Test fit skirts
  • Add/update numbers to canoes – need to be 6 inches/height and 1 inch stroke width
  • Graphics for Ka Ikena


  • After race, need to contact Mr. Painter about cracking paint
  • Need to remind team to not pick at paint cracks, will put clear gorilla tape


  • Race as spec, no weights



Weekend meeting

  • Got the history on Virginia – made from a mold of a Koa boat. 6th oldest fiberglass canoe

Hawaii race

  • Will follow up with team after Crystal Pier race about Pailolo interest

Saguaro Lake practice

  • Will send out notice about Saguaro practice on 5/20/17

Practice schedule

  • Race crews only for Tuesdays


Board meeting ended at 8:20pm. Next meeting is Monday, 6/5/17

Board Meeting Notes 4/2/2017

Members in attendance: Dee, Larissa, Stacia, Leonardo, Kui, Val, Diana, Jose, Andy, Carlos

  1. MONEY
    1. Current status of the bank account
      1. Diana explaining the numbers – we currently have $9,097.37 in our accounts
      2. Insurance needs to be paid.
        1. Kui & Diana said Las Vegas paddlers that race will under be under TAZ so we will need to collect money to cover them under our SCORA insurance.
        2. Leonard will get a copy of the invoice to Diana for payment/records
      3. Larissa, Kui, Andy: Trailer Cost
        1. Andy & Kui will coordinate getting the trailer to the vendor so work and final quote can be done this week.
      4. Kui: We built new cradles
      5. Andy: Do we need to buy skirts?
        1. Board discussion about type of skirt options, using velcro vs. rails
        2. Val reminded us that we are required by SCORA to have skirts for the boats we will be using for racing.
        3. Kui will reach out to one of the hawaiian clubs about skirt recommendations
        4. Will make sure we have skirts for 2 canoes
      6. Makaha & Ka Ikena will be used for Crystal Pier.
        1. Discussion about using Ma Poina instead of Makaha
      7. Makaha needs to have the interior of the canoe fixed
        1. A motion was made and a Yes vote was made to have the boat automatically fixed if the cost was $200 or less
        2. Jose will coordinate with Ric to do the repairs
    1. Poker Tournament
      1. Task – Andy still needs to reach out to his contact about space availability
      2. Discussion to happen at next board meeting
    2. Mini Ironman volunteering
      1. Stacia is the point person. She will reach out to Ironman to get more details and will update once she has more information
      2. Date of event is October 22, 2017. We made $650 for this event last year.
      3. Board agreement – we will participate in this event in 2017
    3. 4th of July volunteer
      1. Board discussion about whether we think this is an event we want to continue. We need to let Kiwanis Club know by 4/28/17 if we will be volunteering or not
      2. Details will be sent out to club to gauge interest, response needed by 4/21/17
      1. $695 made from booth sales and raffle ticket sales
      1. We have signed up to have a vendor booth at the Crystal Pier race and will be selling leis, hats, and Not Vodka water bottles.
      2. Will need volunteers to help man the booth – details will be sent in team email
      3. We need to get leis made
        1. Lei making party at Diana & Kui’s house will be Saturday, May 6, 2017
        2. Diana will put together lei kits to hand out so members can make leis at home
      4. Board agreement on lei pricing – 1 lei for $10, 2 leis for $15 and 6 leis for  $40
      5. Question came up about needing a resale license. Diana confirmed we do not since we’re a non-profit
    1. Canoe maintenance
      1. Discussion about what still needs to be done with the Virginia.
      2. Maintenance will be put on hold so members can focus on training for upcoming race season
      3. Discussion about paint issues on Makaha and Ka Ikena. Kui will reach out to Mr Painter to determine what we need to do.
    2. Tents
      1. Discussion around purchase of team tents and requirements.
      2. Board agreement – tents don’t need to have logo.
      3. Motion was made and a Yes vote was made to purchase 3 tents/pop ups with sides. Max total to be spend is $1,000.
        1. Kui is responsible to purchase tents
      4. Jose is researching about getting new banners made
      5. Carlos is researching additional storage for boat yard
    3. Dollies
      1. Andy will know this week on the timeline of when a new beach dolly will be done. UPDATE – Dolly will be done by 4/22. And he will get the handle on our current dolly fixed as well.
      2. Still testing the new flat dolly. Want to see if the new cradles help and if so, then suggest buy a second dolly
    4. Canoes
      1. Need to trail canoes to Crystal Pier to be weighed.
      2. Discussion about how can we weigh the canoes before the race so we have the right weights available to add as needed.
      3. Jose is to research scale options
    5. Cradles
      1. Good
    1. SCORA waivers
      1. Leonard reminded us that those members that are paddling and racing need to go online and create/update their SCORA registration.
      2. Reminder to paddlers will be added to team email and Jose will remind members at practice
    2. Recruitment
      1. Discussion about the low level of new members coming out to paddle this season.
      2. Discussion also about how much more we should reach out to those we met at Aloha Festival.
        1. Board agreement 1 more email to potential members about opening up Tuesday practice to them and 1 email will be sent when a Saguaro trip is planned
      3. After Crystal Pier, board will discuss additional recruitment efforts
    3. Current have 33 paid members
    1. Still good with the schedule?
      1. Discussion about practices and opening up all days to all members. Maybe splitting race teams between Tuesday and Thursday so coaches are able to give all paddlers attention.
        1. Board agreement to open Tuesday to all paddlers on a trial basis
      2. Discussion about scheduling trip to Saguaro Lake for practice. Will happen after Crystal Pier race
      3. Discussion about how to make sure we don’t focus on growing the club and welcoming new members while also working on being more competitive during races.
    2. Race Crews
      1. Crews are not set. Email will go out to racers that fees are due by 4/21
    3. Special Practices
      1. Las Vegas is set for April 22 at Lake Mead
        1. Email will be sent to the 13 members that expressed interest in going with all of the details.
        2. Will be towing 2 boats
      2. Need to have closed practice for huli drills before Crystal Pier race
      3. Lake Pleasant practice/meeting
        1. Carlos will reach out to Bud about scheduling meeting on Sunday, April 30 – UPDATE still need to confirm but small group for workshop on Saturday, April 29 @ 2p, racers/paddlers on Sunday to put what we learned to practice
        2. Will do huli drills at Lake Pleasant instead of Saguaro if this date works for Bud
      4. May 20th Saguaro practice
        1. Invite to potential members, potluck
  6. RACES
    1. Crystal Pier
      1. Race fees are due by April 21st from anyone that wants to race. $30 for adults, $9 for keikis
      2. Paddlers need to coordinate through coaches if paddling with another team (i.e. keikis wanting to race)
    2. Other races
      1. Board agreement to not do Na Pali this year
      2. Pailolo is possibility; decision will be made after Iron Champs
      3. Catalina should be goal
    3. Discussion and agreement about paddlers/racers are responsible for reserving their own accommodations, travel requirements.
  7. OTHER
    1. Board discussion about Uncle Kimokeo
      1. Board agreement on $300 donation to Kimokeo Foundation and sending picture gift as thank you for canoe blessing
    2. Custom leis
      1. Board discussion and agreement – setting up FB page for Aunty Aloha’s Lei Stand to promote custom leis for celebrations, graduations. Carlos will set up FB page
      2. Board discussion about sending notices to ASU groups about graduation leis. Larissa to get information about setting up a booth.
    3. Women on Adventure group on hold


Next meeting is Monday, May 1 @ 6:30p at Diana’s office
Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

TAZ BOD Meeting Notes 2/28

TAZ BOD Meeting Notes 2/28

    1. Painting might happen Saturday March 4
    2. Painting Malia must be on Sunday, March 5, if Mr. Painter doesn’t come
    3. Sanding on Ka I kena & Malia needs to be done
    4. Help Mr. Painter paint so it’s cheaper, $50 hour
    1. No info on trailer
    2. Dolly is being created for $0
    3. Buy the people making it BEEEEERRRRRR
    1. One at the festival, two at the lake?
    2. Depending on Uncle Kimokeo being there
    3. Renaming the Malia to Uncle Allen
    4. Make an event of the blessing
    5. Uncle Kimokeo will be at the Aloha Festival on Saturday Morning, and Sunday Evening?
    6. Have to figure out if the canoes have to be in the water???
    7. Sunday 5:30p for club the blessing
    1. Sign up sheet– shifts
    2. 9-11:30, 11:00-1:30, 1-3:30,3:30-5:00
    3. Saturday & Sunday
    4. Friday are needed to load, need at least 6
    5. Canoes must be loaded at the site by 5:30
    6. Andy will bring tent
    7. We are provided with table & 2 chairs
    8. Flyers, wristbands, hats, shirts, business cards
    9. Leis with our brand are allowed for sale–100 leis made, need to put business cards
    10. Need to order more yarn
    11. Tell people to bring their own chairs-tables
    12. At the table, captains for square, at all times to sell/represent TAZ efficiently
    13. Showing people how to rig, lei making, and other Hawaiian traditions
    1. Make a rigging station
    2. Create a schedule in order for people to cycle through different things.
    3. Posters to teach people about outrigger, parts of the canoe, map of Hawaii
    4. Put stuff in the canoe, specifically the seats in order for kids to not climb in it
    5. Put up a sign to tell people not to climb into the canoe
    6. Announcements on the website for the blessing and rigging events
    1. Pop up tents-$500 for EZ-up, more being worked on
    2. $60 for new poster– contact Robert OR Fedex Business
    3. Need the square app for more opportunities for sale
    1. With only one canoe, we need to load the boat on Thursday, March 2
    2. If we get no confirmation for the canoe to paint, no loading of the canoe
    3. Practice Saturday, March 4 is on at 8AM, possibly loading or moving canoes
    4. Short runs until we have canoes done
    5. Need to cancel or organize a better way to manage practice
    1. Email to Hanohano for vendor information
    2. Get more contacts for more information and possible discount
    3. Crystal Pier vendor tent for $200
    4. Raffle Prize brings it down to $150
    5. Due by May
    6. No information for MDR & Irons for selling leis on website
    7. Banquet room for July after Irons?
    8. The Gorge is July 15
    1. Tally votes and get names for races for 2017
    2. Giving feedback is necessary for whether one should do at a race
    3. Surveying doesn’t always help
    4. What to our paddlers want to gain this year for themselves?
    5. What do our paddlers want to gain for the club.
    6. Tuesday, March 21, CLUB MEETING
    7. Who REALLY wants to race?
    8. New Assessments
    1. Help out IK with cradles, stickers, and possibly a dolly
    2. Kai Wai stickers, cradles with their color and label
    3. We love our sister clubs, and we should pay back to our Ohana
    1. March 18 at 10 AM
    2. 8 AM club practice
    3. double-hull- sit on the platform over the iakos
    4. Need waivers ready
    5. Need a sign up for club members going to do what in the open house
    6. 40- 50 people expected
    7. Potluck
    8. We will need more people for management
    9. Andy will work on logistics for open house
  12. Miscellaneous
    1. Need to call Bubba and the SCORA crew
    2. More networking means more opportunity for growth
    3. BOYS CLUB & Women in Adventure
      1. Can’t do paddle until September or farther
  13. Future Board Meetings
    1. first Monday of the month at Paradise at 6:30p
      1. April 3
      2. May 1
      3. June 5
      4. July 3


Board Meeting 1/12/2017

Date: 1/12/2017

Location: TTL

In attendance: Carlos, Dee, Larissa, Jose, Stacy, Kui, Stacia, Andy



















  • Through Servco in Hawaii

  • Diana needs to call insurance

  • Expenses-  $1M Rider insurance needed for the City of Tempe


  • We have a tracker

  • due dates

  • more communication

  • All dues in by January 31st or settled with Diana


  • Storage- space

  • Club owns 2 OC 1

  • OC 1 fees for other people

  • Only oc1’s or other kinds of boats?

  • Our space can hold 2 or 3 more Oc1’s $150/year


  • Lacretia, contact for ALOHA FESTIVAL

  • Raffle tickets

  • $5 each- $1 for the club

  • All tickets need to be turned in by February 28

  • 100 tickets from Bob

  • Ask bob who the check needs to be written out to

  • ASK: Sell more hats, leis, shirts, STUFF


  • How many tents, what can we bring, how big is our space

  • ASK if I can bring a generator- which

Online Fundraising Account


  • Make a campaign

  • Canoe repair campaign

  • Scholarship

  • Keiki scholarship

  • Video exposure a must

Amazon Smiles

  • Learn and show people how to do it.

  • Email about it

  • Company Amazon accounts



  • End of January all are due

  • $100 Students

  • $150 Individual

  • $200 Family up to 2 adults 2 kids

General meeting

  • February 25

Next Board Meeting

  • February 2nd


  • 4 TAZ TENTS that say TAZ ON THEM

  • Kui buying stuff for open house and then some

Open House

  • March 18

  • Taz business cards, flyers, bracelets



  • We want unlimited to have their own category for coed masters


  • Painting and repair

  • Andy looking up for companies

  • Fiberglass work needs to be done

  • Need another dolly

  • Brett to loan weld machine or

  • Andy will look for metal working shops to make it


  • Tues, Sat- Salton Sea

  • Thurs, Sat- Open

  • This Saturday no closures, just delays

  • 8AM Saturday General practice

  • 2 Special Practices- Monday-MLK DAY- NY coming into town- EXTRA PRACTICE

  • MEET UP- Women on Adventure: January 21 10AM- Double Haul- Borrow Na Leo’s dolly– Regular practice planned, need more people to help steer and stroke, POTLUCK


  • Higher Expectations

  • Need to know how to swim

  • Emergency PFD

  • Tread water tests- water tests

  • Set for Salton Sea- Coach Kui is happy

Salton sea

  • Look for camping and sleeping options

  • Salton Sea Registration done by the coaches

  • No crews are set yet

Random Notes

  • Na Pali

    • 6 and 6 for crew- coed

  • Start making plans and intent to race

  • Same SCORA races planned this year with exception of ADR Havasu and Na Pali

  • Jose is the point of contact for Kialoa discount blades


  • Need External coach for practice when board is occupied

    • Amy, Ilona, Leonard



  • Andy to contact Salton Sea for booth and camping

December 20, 2016 Board Notes

Notes: December 20, 2016

In attendance: Carlos, Dee, Larissa, Jose, Stacy, Diana, Kui, Leonard, Stacia













  1. Bank: $8,500

  2. Ironman: +$ 2,400

  3. ADR check +$800

  4. Storage Fee: -$2,500

  5. SCORA Fee & Insurance: ~$1,000

  6. New paddlers paddle for free 3 times then need to make a decision

  7. TAZ Tracking – Online

    1. No one gets added until dues are paid

  8. Accountability is #1, new policy set

    1. 30 days away from race, fees are due

    2. 7 days away from race, cannot race, OR speak with coach

  9. Pay Club Dues by 1/1/2017 for discount

  10. Payment options are available for membership dues



  1. All paddlers need approval from coach

    • Novice in general can’t do some long distance races 15+ miles (coaches decision)

  2. Log all paddler’s practices








  1. SALTON SEA 6-12 Miles ($45 Due by January 11, 2017)

  2. Crystal Pier

  3. Marina Del Rey




  1. January 21st – Recruiting event: Woman on Adventure (Double haul practice?)

  2. Next SCORA meeting 1/21/2016

  3. March 11-12 – ALOHA Festival (Tempe Beach Park)

  4. March 18, 2017, TAZ Open House (use punch cards to get rides in the boat for newbies)


  1. Get 2 quotes on maintenance

  2. Call Rosen for paint options (Include info on polish, clear coat, & paint)

  3. Other options for paint. Tom Woolridge – 6023198113

  4. How much do canoes currently weigh

  5. An Industrial scale

  6. Makaha – Bradley (Clear Coat, polish)

  7. Ka Ikena – Bradley (Fiberglass Repair, Clear Coat & Polish)

  8. VIRGINIA (Needs structural repair Paint, Clear Coat & Polish)

  9. TITA Malia (Paint, Clear Coat & Polish)


Structural work needed

  • Rusted Bolts

  • Flat bar VS Oval Carrier

  • Add Tool box on trailer



Saguaro after February



  • Yoga mats

  • Holder for the lights on the iakos

  • Flag holder

  • 2 New dollies


  • Link to open drive in email w/ SCORA folder

  • First 2017 General Meeting: February 25


  • No ads are allowed on website

  • Send people to website for info about club

  • Always BCC in emails (not CC so reply all doesn’t go to everyone)

  • Facebook Messenger – split into 2 groups (club info and random banter/talk)




SCORA changing policy

Blanket insurance for club but each paddler needs their own insurance


  • Quotes and updates on boat maintenance

  • Need to buy items

  • Trailer maintenance

  • Ask Alicia how many keys are checked out by TAZ and make a plan to get license & use motor boats

  • Who is racing in the Salton Sea?