Crystal Pier Race Information

Aloha Team Arizona!
The first race of the season, Crystal Pier, hosted by SCORA and Hanohano, is schedule for May 11, 2019.  It's addressed to Crystal Pier Racers but the items are similar for our future races in case you are attending them.  Here is some information you need to be aware of and start making arrangements:
  • Race fees will also include assisting with the costs to trailer the canoes to San Diego.  These can be paid in person to a board member, or online through the website. Typically they are $25.
  • Please start looking for a hotel NOW.  Hotel Circle is still fairly close to the race site with reasonable prices. Pair up if you can to help save on cost.
  • Start conversations with people about carpooling to San Diego.  There are usually plenty of people leaving early Friday to drive up with, if you need a ride.
  • Once in San Diego on Friday, we will need help unloading canoes.  Please watch for the email with details on the location and time to meet.  We need as many people as possible to get this done.  If we cannot complete this Friday, everyone will have to be at the race site extra early to unload and rig.
  • Finally, no one should leave after the races until the canoes are unrigged and loaded back on the trailer.  We are all responsible for this.  If you cannot be there during any of the time we need you, please talk to one of the coaches about how you can help with other duties.
  • We need 4 volunteers per race.  2 in the morning to help SCORA setup and 2 in the afternoon to help close shop.  These normally don't take more than 30 minutes but important and expected of us.
Here is Hanohano OCC's link for more information about the race.
Any questions, please contact Kui, Ilona or any board member.  
A hui hou!

Team Arizona Outrigger Canoe Club
550 E. Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, Arizona 85281