General Meeting Notes Saturday, 2/17/18

General Meeting Notes

Saturday, 2/17/18


Board Introductions


Andy Thomas – President – 602.400.0663

Carlos Hernandez – Vice President – 602.397.0603

Diana Durham – Treasurer – 650.483.7271

Sofia Tuncap – Secretary – 714.365.0715

Terry Mendoza – Member at Large – 480.233.4381

Jeff Leonard – SCORA Rep – 602.370.2673

Valerie Symth – SCORA Rep – 808.989.1299

Merrily Pychinka – Fundraising Chair – 610.248.0671

Kui Eugenio – Head Coach – 949.307.8627

Amy Hartle – Assistant Coach – 602.568.0317


We are here for you – if you have concerns, questions, suggestions, whatever, please let any one of us on the board know.


Aloha Festival – Saturday/Sunday, March 10 – 11


Volunteers – a signup sheet will be going out as we need everyone to sign up to help during the festival to man the booth and help us recruit new members.


Canoe Blessing – we will be doing a canoe blessing on Sunday evening after the Aloha Festival. You are welcome to bring your paddle or personal canoe to be part of the blessing. Unko Kimokeo will be joining us again this year.


We will need help on Friday, 3/9 to bring the canoe over to the festival and set up our tent so sign up if available.


Buddy Program


We will be starting a Buddy program this year; pairing current members with new members. This is a chance for you to mentor and welcome a new member to the team – answer their questions, show them the aloha of our ohana and check-in with them during the season.  You are not coaching them in paddling but just be there to answer any questions about the club and what to expect in the upcoming year.


If interested in being a buddy, please see Andy or any board member.


Safety & Equipment


At each practice, all members need to help take out and put away the canoes. Before paddling, make sure there are PFD’s for each person, bailers, and buckets in the canoe. Plugs, lights, proper rigging all need to be checked before starting practice. At the end of practice, we need to make sure we are washing the canoes, the plug has been taken out, the team paddles have been put away and the lockers are locked.


Canoe maintenance is happening the next 3 Sundays (2/18, 2/25, 3/4) at 9:00a. We will be sanding, fixing gunwales, and painting. If interested in helping, just show up or let Kui know if you have any questions.




Membership dues are now due for the season. If you need to set up a payment plan, please see Diana.


We will be ordering new race jerseys this year. If you weren’t at the meeting, please send Diana your t-shirt size so we can get a sense of what we’ll need to order.


SCORA Coaches/Steersperson Clinic, Saturday, 3/3 – if you are interested in going to this, please see Kui or Andy. A group will be carpooling together to NAC.


Accountability Group


Terry is starting an Accountability Group on 3/13. The group will be working on weight & measurements along with strength and endurance goals. There will be a biweekly weigh-in and measurements taken to track against goals. If you have any questions, please see Terry Mendoza.


Coach Kui


Race Paddlers Expectations


In the past, EVERYONE was invited to paddle with Team Arizona no matter your club affiliation or skill level.  That also trickled down to letting everyone who wanted to race automatically getting a seat in a race. Because of our growth and safety issues with SCORA time constraints, we are not able to continue to let everyone race just because they want to.  The coaches will be using the Racing Expectations (sheet that was sent out before the meeting) as a way to monitor if members are ready to paddle in a SCORA or any type of organized race. We encourage everyone to try out and make crews and experience the sport of outrigger racing but going forward there will be some physical skills guidelines and core competencies to be on a race crew.


They will be looking at how paddlers react to situations, like huli drills, showing up and giving their all at practices, working out outside of practice and being overall accountable to the team and themselves. As races get closer, they will look at putting teams together and some members may have to paddle with other clubs if we have more racers than seats available.


During race season, it is important for all paddlers to help. This includes helping with unloading and rigging canoes, setting up tents, and loading canoes after a race. It is a TEAM EFFORT to race and no one should assume that someone else will take care of the canoe.


Our goal this year to make sure all paddlers are mentally and physically ready to race this year. We will be working on different strokes and stroke rates, everyone needs to be accountable for their own hydration and proper nutrition, we will be working on distance and timing.


If you are interested in racing and want to better understand what the coaches will be looking for or have questions/concerns, please talk to Kui Eugenio or Amy Hartle.


Practice schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday – open paddle – racers & recreational paddlers welcome

Thursday – race paddlers only

Saturday – open paddle

Sunday – distance – race paddlers only


As a team, we will be doing the following races and more information and schedules will go out as we get closer:

Crystal Pier – 5/12

MDR – 6/2

Iron Champs – 6/23


Once those races are done, we will regroup and look at teams for Queen Lili’uokalani race in Kona, Hawaii. We are not planning on doing 9-man change races this year.


If there are races that you are interested in doing that we’re not doing as a team, please see one of the coaches so they can determine your readiness and help you find a seat with another club.