Paddling 101

parts of the canoe
parts of the canoe
The following traditions should be respected and followed at all times:
  • Tying Ti leaves to the canoe brings good luck.
  • Don’t step over the boats at any time; walk around the canoe.
  • Refer to the canoe parts by their Hawaiian names.
  • Each canoe should be treated with respect.
  • Do not sit in the boat on dry land (except if instructed), as the canoe is considered sacred and a part of you.
  • Do not swear or argue around the canoe. This brings bad luck and slows the canoe.
  • Before each race the team gathers to give blessing and prayer of hope and thanks.
  • After each race the teammates greet each other and congratulate them on the race.
  • When the canoe is on dry land, the nose of the canoe should point to the water.  The early Hawaiians did this out of respect for the canoe and its spirit.
Team Arizona Wa’a (Canoe) Names and Meanings:
  • Wa’a o Ka`ikena – Canoe of Eternal Vision
  • Uhane ‘O Mākaha – Fierce Spirit
  • Mai Poina – Never Forget

Please refer to the canoes by their names.
Not sure how to pronounce the names?  No worries…just ask!