TAZ Board Meeting 4-2-18

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Monday, 4/02/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Amy Hartle, Kui Eugenio, Diana Durham, Sofia Tuncap, Jeff Leonard, Merrily Pychinka, Carlos Hernandez

Finance Status

  • Account Balance – $9,143.41
  • Upcoming Expenses
    • canoe/trailer insurance – $937
    • trailer/dolly work – $900
  • Expected Income
    • Aloha Festival – $695
    • Aloha Festival raffle tickets – $200
    • Dragon Boat Festival – $355


  • approved at last meeting, signatures by board


  • Design
    • Will send out email to members with 3 design choices to vote as our team jerseys
  • Order date – April 16th receive by 27th. Will be ordering the sport-tek shirts
  • Cost – $20 for paddlers


  • Merrily/Jeff/Carlos – committee meeting happened on 3/26/18
    • Member support
      • If members have sponsor/donor suggestions, then we would like to have them make the introductions
      • Initial Contact for Sponsor – committee
    • Carlos – starting a sponsorship contact list
    • Recommend Fundraising Committee as a Board Member
      • Board decided to revisit at later time.  
    • Committee – looking for 5 total from active members
    • Fundraiser email – separate from weekly email with updates
    • Creation of fundraising database
    • 501c3
      • How does having our own affect our SCORA membership
      • Written process of what having our own # is
    • Sponsor/donation list
      • Ohana level – company spirit day
        • Motion & approved by board to add to the Ohana list

Member Status

  1. Dues – 44 paid members
  2. Waivers – 42 smart waivers signed
    1. Coaches will work on contacting those paddlers that haven’t signed up that they are not allowed to paddle until waiver is done


  • Coaching goals/expectations
    • Coach’s Race season Goals
      1. Not everyone will be able to race, paddlers will need to meet racing expectations.
      2. Main priority is safety for our paddlers and as team – we want to make sure paddlers are ready to race and understand what to do in case something happens
      3. Extra water time practice – coaches are looking at how we can make sure paddlers are getting the practice time they need to race
      4. Continuity of crews to build through the season. Continue to build strong, experienced paddlers
    • Keiki program
      • Separate the kids practice, separate coach manages their schedule
      • Carlos has volunteered to be keiki coach
    • Paddle practice expectations
      • Staggered paddle practice times
      • Sign up for seats
  • Schedule
    • Coaches meet weekly to set paddle expectations
    • Weekly workout for those paddlers that are waiting to get in the canoe
  • Steersman test
    • Steersman should be approved by coaches; potential steers clinic
    • Open book test – must get 100% to be able to steer a race
    • Find out interest in steering by members
  • Incident response process
    • Documentation creation and forms – what is our process if something should happen at the lake
    • First aid kit, waivers, accident report form
    • 2-way radio – dry bags and strap to keep near steers seat

Crystal Pier

  • Schedule
    • Create schedule for the day – Sofia
  • Towing
    • Kui will tow first race – bringing 3 canoes
  • Leis
    • Ti leaf anklets – order ti leaves (Amy will order)
  • Post Race gifts
    • Novice – get leis
    • Lanyards – all paddlers – beer/water & granola bars
  • Aunty Aloha booth
    • $200 vendor booth cost
    • Sell water bottles, hats, shirts, leis
    • Need to get scheduled shifts that will actually work the booth

Equipment and Maintenance

  • Trailer
    • Ready by April 14th
  • Cradles
    • April 14th need to create cradles
    • 8 baby short to travel will be in the trailer
    • 4 tall cradles
  • Dolly
    • 2 Dollies ready by April 14th


Upcoming Events –

  1. Scora Meeting – April 15th at 1pm to 5pm
  2. Tevita Canoes – he has offered to allow us to us his canoes. We have to pick them up and have 8 people at least go to help load @ salton sea. Plan to pick up on Saturday, 4/21. Andy will follow up and arrange pick up.


  • Las Vegas Club – 9th Island OCC
    • If we allow them to race as TAZ, they need to race to our expectations
    • They will only be allowed to race if Kui is at the race
    • If they are racing under our name, they must show up at our 4/28 Saguaro practice to do huli drills
    • GPS practices & post or send to Kui; practice at least 2 days a week
    • Set expectations that this is the last year they will be paddling under our name
    • Schedule meeting with SCORA ahead of the 4/15 meeting with our expectations and our questions about supporting Vegas


Meeting adjourned 8:56pm. Next meeting will be Monday, 5/7 @ 6pm


Proposals and Motions

1. Company Spirit Day for OHANA Donation