TAZ Board Minutes – 11/6/18

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Tuesday, 11/6/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Carlos Hernandez, Diana Durham, Sofia Munda, Jeff Leonard, Merrily Pychinka, Valerie Smyth

Finance Status

  • Account Balance – $8,906.96
    • $5,000 of this total is in our unlimited canoe savings account
  • 2018 Spending & Revenue  – YTD data – QB report attached
  • Recent / Upcoming Expenses
    • Holiday gift – $500
    • Canoe cover – $800
  • Received / Expected Income
    • $676.70 ADR sales


  • Canoes
    • Malia canoes – 1 @ Todd’s, 1 @ Kui’s.
      • Virginia – bodywork, fiberglass vie, paint – Thanksgiving weekend, Dec 1-2
      • Ryan – won’t start working on this one until Virginia is done
  • Dollies
    • No work currently needed
  • Trailer
    • No work currently needed. Will relook at before race season next year
    • Brakes on trailer – need quote and relook at early next year.
  • Covers & Skirts
    • Skirts – need for Mai Poina; need to get quotes. Will relook at early next year.
    • Cover – Stephanie took measurements at ADR of all 3 canoes. Board approved one. Board discussion around purchasing a second canoe cover for makaha –  voted and approved.


  • Committee Meeting Recap – 10/29
    • Sponsorship/Donation breakdown – see attached. Board decided to take sponsors off the back of the jersey’s.
    • TAZ basket –  thank you popcorn basket, basket of logo gear, picture of team. Local company items (not vodka bottles, bundt cakes, honey, salsa) – cost based on level of donation
    • Lei sales – working with local high schools to do a joint fundraiser
  • Ironman
    • Write up from captains of what we learned & what we could do better next year.

Practices & Races

  • Offseason Practice Schedule
    • Thursday @ 6:00p  / Saturday @ 8:00a. Paddle schedule may change based on Heja attendance

Processes and Reports

  • Safety
    • Leonard will modify the incident report to keep at locker.  This will include instructions of what to do when an accident happens and how to fill out the Incident Report.
  • Team Equipment – OC-1 and OC-6 use
    • Kui will write up the requirements to use team equipment, specifically the OC-1 and OC-6 canoes. An email will be sent with requirements along with posting requirements on storage lockers at the lake.
    • The biggest requirement will be that TAZ members must get Coach approval to use a canoe before it is taken out.
    • If taking a canoe outside of team practice times, and after getting Coach approval, all persons using the canoe must be a TAZ member in good standing

Upcoming Board

  • Nomination process
    • Email out to all members with nominations in by Monday, 11/26. Ballot will be created by 11/30
  • Board elections
    • Paper voting at holiday party. Will have mail in voting to Merrily
    • Ballots at lake – put in a box (name on ballot) so we can track
  • Board position duties
    • Board discussed and approved breakdown of additional duties for each board position
  • Deliverables for new board
    • Write up for old board to hand to new board members of what their position  does and where to find everything. Have it in the google docs or email by 12/8

Other Items

  • Holiday Party – Sunday, 12/9, 3:00p – 7:00p
    • recap/overview @ party
  • Aloha Festival
    • Carlos to take on getting to a meeting to discuss ideas with committee. Attend meeting and set up connection with Uncle Kimokeo
  • SCORA meeting update
    • New clubs process – clubs that sponsor new clubs should follow those clubs to make sure they comply with SCORA rules
    • Race divisions – if there are 2 or more canoes per division, then they would be eligible for medals
    • Voting on new clubs & proposals – December 1 in Oceanside, January 27 in MDR (voting meeting).
    • SDOCC – potential new race that would be happen in May as a trial run.