TAZ Update 10/9/17


Please read through the entire email as we have a lot of stuff
going on over the next few weeks. Please see any of the Board members if you
have questions.

ADR – Another Dam Race – Saturday, 11/4/17

  • If you want to race at ADR, you must let Carlos or Kui know THIS
    WEEK so we can set crews
  • Race fees are $60 and must be paid by SATURDAY,
  • We will also be volunteering at ADR so will need help on Friday
    & Saturday
  • Friday 4PM– 1 more volunteer to help Kui, Ilona and Diana with registration at the Bluewater Casino Cantina
  • Friday 4PM– 2 volunteers to help with selling hats/stickers during registration at the Bluewater Casino Cantina
  • Saturday – 3 volunteers to help with food vending BEFORE the race at the Riverview lodge
  • Saturday – 3 volunteers to help with timing DURING the race
  • Saturday – 4 volunteers to help with raffle/selling hats in the Bluewater Casino Amphitheater AFTER the race
  • Saturday – 4 volunteers to help with Aunty Aloha Lei Stand AFTER the race
  • We are partnering with ADR to raise money for Kimokeo Foundation
    & Maui Nui Race. We are making hats and stickers to sell at ADR and need
    volunteers to help on the following days to get these done. We will also be
    making leis these days.
  • Saturday, 10/14 @ 3:00p
  • Sunday, 10/15 @ 3:00p
  • Saturday, 10/28 @ 3:00p
  • Sunday, 10/29 @ 3:00p

Ironman Volunteering

  • Ironman  Half – Sunday, 10/22 from 5:00a – 12:00pm – Bike Pointers
  • Volunteer registration
  • We will be meeting at 5:00a at the parking lot at the Roadrunner in Tempe Marketplace to give out assignments 
  • Ironman Full – Saturday, 11/18 & Sunday, 11/19 – multiple dates/times/areas
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Women’s change tent
  • Bike In/Out
  • Run Aid Station #9
  • We need all the help we can get so get the word out to your
    friends/family and have them sign up as well. This is our biggest fundraiser
    for TAZ!

2017 Saturday 10/21/2017, Salton Sea, CA

  • They are looking for volunteers to help with this event. If you
    are interested in helping, please see Ilona for more information.
  • Aunty Aloha Lei Stand will be a vendor at this event.
  • http://www.saltonseafest.com/