Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting 5-18-2018

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Monday, 5/14/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Kui Eugenio, Diana Durham, Merrily Pychinka, Carlos Hernandez, Valerie Symth

Finance Status

Account Balance – $8,152.23

Expenses: SCORA dues/insurance – $1,244.70

Hull/Canoe insurance – $937.00

Jerseys – $908.85

Trailer/dolly repairs – $1,000.00

Upcoming Expenses:

Kimokeo Foundation/Maui Nui Race – $1,000 – they have reached out asking for the donation that we promised last year.  Board discussed and approved.

OC2 purchase – $1,100 – Kui proposed the club purchase John Burns’ OC2 canoe. Board discussed and decided against purchasing OC2.

Unlimited Canoe – Goal of the team will be to purchase 1 unlimited canoe



Sponsorships: Hegmann Realty – $1,002

Barefoot Surfaces – in kind

Tradewind (Aunty/Unko Martin) – $1,200

Coconuts –

Fundraising letters – all members received an email and notices at lake to use to reach out to companies, friends for sponsorships and donations. Asking needs to be done by June 14th for sponsorships/donations. Focus will be on general donations/sponsorships.

Letters have gone out to past sponsors for donations again this year. Have heard from 2, still working on Aloha Shoyu. Joan Howell’s husband, Don, will also be helping with reaching out to companies for donations.

Fundraising season should be November – April to make sure we can have sponsors on shirts/website/banners.  

Reach out to Merrily if you have a company that you would like help reaching out to explain who we are.

Separate fundraising for Kona racers this year. Maybe find sponsorships that are for this race specifically. Special shirts for the racers this year. Sell the shirts to raise money towards race fees, canoe donation, etc. After Iron season, we can focus on looking at fundraising options.

Holiday cards to donors/sponsors.



If we’re going to have rules, then we need to be consistent in applying them to all paddlers. Ultimately, the coaches have final say on who is in crews and races. If paddlers have concerns about crews, practices or expectations, they should reach out to Kui or Amy.

Crystal Pier race results – Coach was very happy and proud of how everyone competed at the race.  It was a really good start to our racing season but we can’t get complacent in our training or expectations.

Long course – borrow unlimited for 1 of the races to try out. Kui would prefer us to not do so since we don’t practice in an unlimited.


Equipment and Maintenance

Trailer – cradles on the trailer should be done professionally. Will look at options and costs on how to safely trailing our canoes long distance.

Key cards – need to get the forms from City of Tempe so we can purchase additional cards.

Canoe Maintenance – what still needs to be done

  • Finish fixing the OC1
  • Finish fixing the 2 – 6man canoes

Upcoming Events –

MDR – 6/2

  • Race fees due 5/19

Iron Champs – 6/24

  • Race fees due 6/9


Coaches need to create and save incident reports. We should have a device that can be used specifically for Team AZ use for waivers, incident reports, etc.  

Incident report – anytime someone is injured, brought to board/coach member attention then we need to fill out a report. Examples – cuts, toes run over by the dolly, contusions.

Andy has a copy of the Tempe Incident Report form that he will bring so we can keep at the lake.


Meeting adjourned 8:22pm. Next meeting is Monday, June 4th @ 6:00pm.