• Mahalo and congratulations to everyone who went to Marina del Rey!
    • Especially to our keikis who got 1st place in their race! 
  • We will need to do some canoe repair this weekend and next weekend, along with lei making for one of our huge orders for the club
    • Please let Coaches or the Board know if you can help
    • We will need to make 160 leis!
  • We have attached the practice schedule Coach Kui has made for those racing in the Ironman Championships, June 24
    • Remember to pay your dues, $25, by this Saturday directly to Diana or online
    • Practice Schedule for recreation paddlers remains Thursdays at 6 PM and Saturday at 8 AM
    • Every Saturday we will be deep cleaning the canoes after practice
      • Please help out by bringing cleaning supplies and staying after practice to upkeep our canoes
      • Please remember to hydrate BEFORE practice in order to be ready for the heat wave 
  • Do you have a skill or service that TAZ could benefit from?
    • From welding, fiberglass, to medical skills, we are looking for more volunteers with a variety of experiences to help out with the trailer, canoes, maintenance and the club.
    • As well as discounts for a non profit
    • Please message the board or coaches with details.
  • Just a reminder to please use the 2017 Racer Information Facebook messenger group for reading only, and keep all other responses (Including thumbs up & emojies) in TAZ Chat 2017
    • Only board and Coaches to send messages on 2017 Racer Information
    • This is to help organize our communication efforts so everyone gets the important messages relating directly to practice and races
    • Please direct all questions to the Board or Coaches directly

pdf icon Irons-practice.pdf