Team AZ Board Meeting – 7/9/18

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Monday,  7/9/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Diana Durham, Carlos Hernandez, Kui Eugenio, Valerie Smyth, SofiaTuncap

Finance Status

  • Account Balance – $9,890.72
  • Recent / Upcoming Expenses
    • Kona race fees – $580
    • Tents – will buy when we see a sale
  • Received / Expected Income
    • Sacktime Mattress (Vega) – $1,000 – Carlos will follow up with him in August
    • McKesson – CO Match (Aunty) – $1,200


  • Dollies
    • Wheels on white dollies are getting torn up already – need to look at replacing all wheels.
    • Blue dollies – update with cradles instead of bars. Need new wheels as well.
  • Canoes
    • Todd – willing to take the Malia’s to his house so he can work on them when he has free time. Would be nice to have the malia’s done for ADR. Schedule time with Todd to get canoes moved.
    • Seat pads – foam knee pad for gardening. Andy will take this on.
    • Canoe flooring – have Ric look at other options for grip as they are getting slippery again
  • Trailer
    • Dolly to help move trailer easier
    • Additional storage in back of trailer – build frame
    • Paint trailer – get quotes – have done Nov/Dec.


  • Ironman Volunteering
    • ½ Iron – 10/21 – Carlos & Sophia will co-chair this again
    • Full Iron – 11/17-11/18 – Stacia, Ilona & Amy will be station captains again this year, however, we still need volunteers to help co-chair. Possible options – Val, Mendoza, Lucie, Terry, Lisa
    • Emails will start going out to the team to remind them to sign up to volunteer at both events. This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.
  • Committee meeting – Carlos will coordinate with Merrily & Leonard when they get back into town. Andy & Diana would like to attend. Heather is joining the committee.
    • Topics to discuss – sponsorship parameters, timeline/schedule for reaching out to potential sponsors/donors.
  • Thank you cards – Carlos will purchase cards and get board signatures and print pictures to send to sponsors.
  • Banner – will look at getting a banner printed in early September so we can post at ADR and use next year.

Practices & Races

  • Practice schedule
    • Need to clean up TAZ calendar to reflect current training schedule
    • Kona crew will practice on Thursday/Sundays
    • Ocean training – looking at 8/11-8/12 to practice in San Diego with Ikuna Koa
    • Saguaro practice – Saturday, 8/25
    • No kids until 10/1 – juniors (16+) are welcome to practice during the summer
  • Upcoming Races
    • 9man season – Coach will work with individual paddlers interested in participating in 9man season to see if he can find them a seat but we will not be racing as a team this season
    • Queens race – Labor Day weekend
    • Journey (not a race but long distance paddle)
    • Maui Nui – 9/8-9/9
  • Team jerseys
    • Looking to get a special jersey made for the Hawaii races. Will let team know once a design and decision is made
    • Will look at options for what to do about jerseys in the fall going forward. May increase memberships to include a jersey so everyone has the same one for racing.
    • Other things to consider when we are looking at jerseys include branding & keeping the front logo the same multiple years, getting special sponsorships for special races (like Kona), how to manage sponsorships & logos on the back of jerseys each year.

Incident Reports & Safety

  • An accident happened at the lake and we found that we still don’t have incident report copies at the lake. It is really important that we have these available and fill them out when accidents happen. Andy will work on getting this completed. He will also reach out to Alicia for resources from the lake.
  • First aid kits – there is currently a first aid kit in the short bin by the trailer. Diana will work on getting a first aid kit for each canoe with basic supplies. We will also get a dry bag for each canoe to hold a phone in case of emergencies.
  • Safety clinic – Andy will take this project on. We will work on having a safety meeting twice a year and it will be mandatory for steers minimally.

Next board meeting, Monday, September 17. Adjorned at 7:48p