Team AZ Board Minutes – 9/17/18

Team Arizona OCC Board Meeting

Monday,  9/17/18

Attendees – Andy Thomas, Diana Durham, Carlos Hernandez, Kui Eugenio, Jeff Leonard, Lisa Zanin, Tony Holland

Finance Status

  • Account Balance – $10,284.53
    • $5,000 of this total is in our unlimited canoe savings account
  • Recent / Upcoming Expenses
    • ADR – $1020 (3 – OC6 crews)
    • Lake Fees – summer user fees & canoe registration – $400
  • Received / Expected Income
    • Ironman volunteering – $650 (half) + $2,500 (full)


  • Dolly
    • 1 dolly has been fixed. Still need to work on the 2nd one – needs new wheels
  • Canoe
    • 161 – repair – dent on side hull, gelcoat is cracked
    • Malia canoes  – need to finish repairing both canoes. Todd has said he’s willing to take canoes to his house so he can work on them so we need to schedule time with him to make this happen.
    • Review paint condition on all canoes – Kui & Andy will look at all canoes to determine what additional work needs to be done.
  • Covers
    • Need to decide if we’re going to buy them or make them. $800 to have someone make them vs. $500 for us to make them.  Andy will reach out to Stephanie to see about getting measurements done at ADR so cover can be made during the winter.
    • Board discussion – purchase 1 cover for Mai Poina – voted and approved
    • Kui will work on getting straps redone for 2 current covers
  • Skirts
  • Kui will work with Uncle Kimokeo to get quote from his vendor to get a skirt manufactured for Mai Poina.
  • Trailer
  • Need to look at fixing/replacing the brakes. Will look at during the offseason.


  • Committee Meeting Recap – 8/27
    • Leonard & Carlos reviewed the breakdown/changes of what a sponsor would get depending on when & what they donate to the club. It is broken down Aug-Dec, Jan-July. Larger sponsorship getting full name on canoe or  a custom sponsor package.
    • Lei sales – committee is going to approach local high schools, university, sorority/fraternity groups to see about setting up a partnership with schools to sell leis for graduations. Start reaching out in January to make the contact to get orders ahead of time.
    • Cold calls – not currently happening. Want to find a better way to have the club members to provide contacts of companies.
    • Fundraising/sponsorship year runs – Board discussed making the fundraising year run April thru March to make it easier for communications to potential sponsors and make it easier on the club to manage how we work with sponsors. Board asked the fundraising committee to relook at sponsorship breakdown and resubmit to the board at the next meeting.
  • Shirts/Logowear
    • Sell logo shirts as a fundraiser of logo prints. Leonard & Lisa both have vendors they can reach out to for quotes to get shirts printed. Carlos will work on getting quotes gathered and bring information to the next board meeting.
  • IronMan Half & Full
    • Half Iron – Carlos is working on getting all of the information about the half iron and current volunteer lists from Sofia. He will update board once he has this information.
    • Full Iron – Andy will have Amy manage Ironman volunteer lists and all current correspondence to club and have separate emails from TAZ updates go out. Carlos will bring an Ipad to the October 6th practice to get members to sign up for volunteer shifts.  

Practices & Races

  • Schedule Changes
    • No schedule changes before ADR. All practices are open to all paddlers so coaches will be using the Heja app to determine crews for ADR and practice details.
  • ADR
    • John is looking for help during the race again this year. We’ll be looking for volunteers that aren’t racing to help with timing, registration, etc.
    • Board decided to not set up a vendor booth this year.
    • Just because a paddler paid for a seat for ADR, that isn’t a guarantee they will race. The coaches will be look at attendance and how paddlers are performing at practices to set crews.
  • Offseason practice schedule
    • After ADR, we will be going to Tuesday/Saturday practice schedule. In December, we will have Saturday practice only.
    • Once new board/coaches are set in December, the 2019 practice schedule will be determined.

Incident Reports & Safety

  • Incident reports
    • Andy will get incident reports in the team locker by end of month.
    • If there is an accident during practice, a board member or coach needs to be informed immediately so a report can be filled out and first aid administered as needed.
    • If there is an incident while on the water, the canoe should make its way to the boat ramp immediately, call 911 and inform them that we are at the Tempe Lake Marina Boat Ramp. They are able to do a water rescue if needed.
    • Diana will order first aid kits and dry bags for each canoe. At each practice, a first aid kit should be in the canoe and the steersperson will wear a dry bag with a cell phone in it in case of an emergency.

Upcoming Board

  • Processes for board positions
    • A list of duties for each position will be created so that new board members have some guidelines of what they are responsible for during the year. Diana and Andy will work on creating an initial list for each position and will bring for discussion at the next board meeting.
  • Board elections
    • Notice will got out to all current members for board nominations after the November 6th board meeting. Voting happens in late November/early December with results announced at the holiday party.
  • Holiday Party – Sunday, December 2 @ 3:00pm – 7:00pm @ Durham-Eugenio House
    • Team gift – each board member will come up with ideas with costs to next board meeting

Other Items

  • Aloha Festival
    • Diana will reach out to Festival committee to start discussions about doing canoe rides during the 2019 festival.
    • Uncle Kimokeo is also interested in doing a sprint race/exhibition during the festival weekend so discussion will happen during ADR to determine possibility.

Next board meeting is Tuesday, November 6 @ 6:30pm. Meeting is adjourned 9:04pm.