Time Change on WEEKDAY practices


Starting this Tuesday, 2/6/2018 WEEKDAY practices are going to start at 6pm to give more time for paddlers to get to the lake on time.  This means practices are ending a little later as well so please adjust accordingly.  However, for those that come early, in ADDITION to our regular practice, Kui is starting a “lap club” at 445-5p.  We can just walk (NOT RUN) a 5K around the lake before everyone gets there.  We can also bring out the 1 and 2 mans and we can work on technique (NOT FULL WORKOUT).  This is a good time to work on your stroke in a less stressful environment.

Going forward ALL practices will begin with a 10-15 stretch and some land drills to get your body warmed up for the water drills.  Please make sure you ALWAYS have a pair a shoes with you so you'll be prepared when we start incorporating light walks/jogs in our warm ups.

Finally, the Dragonboat Festival is coming up, so for the next few months, the parking and traffic around the lake is going to be tough. Give yourself a few extra minutes when coming to practice. 

A hui hou!